The Steam Century Mystery is a unique, multifaceted game that combines elements of live action role-playing and crime dramas. The game is a cross between the How to Host a Murder games and a more traditional Live Action Role Playing Game. Players search through real sets to find clues and question the costumed characters of the Steam Century world to solve the crime. Here is the information we give to players at the player orientation.


After they register to play the game, players receive a player packet that will have assorted information and resources for the game. The player packets are unique to each game. Below you can see all the contents from the player packet from No Brand Con 2009:




As players in the Steam Century Mystery, you will have to discover the answer to three questions. They will be on a solution ballot that you pick up when you register for the game. There are several ways you will find the answers to the questions on that ballot. One is to find physical clues on board the bridge of the Badger and the Clue room.



The clue room from DaishoCon 2008. This is a steampunk laboratory that has been ransacked by an angry werewolf.



A clue from Geek.kon 2008 that was hidden inside a box.



The second is to speak to the crew and other cast members of Steam Century. You will want to take your time and analyze the information you collect. We recommend you have a notebook or a place to keep notes. Any clues that you may take from the Badger or Clue room will be marked with a green crown. We do ask that you please respect our props. If something does not open easily or has a special effect inside of it, please ask the crew before you handle it.


Players can take this item.


Our game is designed to be a played while you go about enjoying the other events of the convention. You are more than free to attend panels,  get something to eat, or otherwise entertain yourself during the course of the game. You are welcome to play in groups or teams, but we do ask that only share information between people in your group. Just like in the case of any good movie or book, it is no fun to have the ending spoiled. If you do play in a team, please only take one copy of the clues per group.


In addition to finding clues and solving the mystery, players can be hindered by traps. The traps in the game that can force you to stop collecting clues or doing anything else in the game except for getting the trap effects removed. Traps are represented by cards that you wear around your neck. Traps change from game to game, so you may need to figure out a new way to get your trap card removed.


A generic trap card used during orientation.


For the price of the game, which covers some of our costs, players receive tea, biscuits and a campaign medal. The medals have a distinction for game winners. The medal shape and ribbon change with every game, so veteran players can be identified by the medals they wear to events.


The Geek.kon 2008 medal