Timeline of the Steam Century World


1502: Leonardo DaVinci invents the first practical steam engine.


1756-1763: Seven Years' War or French and Indian War, Peace of Paris, New France remains possession of France.

1766: Henry Cavendish identities and names hydrogen

1768: Post of Secretary of State for the Colonies created.

1775-1781: American Revolt.

1783: Trial and execution of Revolt leaders.

1783: Lieutenant Jean Baptiste Marie Meusnier designs the first air ship.

1784: Russia establishes North American colony.

1784: First propelled air ship flight.

1785: Escaped Revolt leader John Adams reemerges in the colony of Georgia. He joins with William Augustus Bowles’ forces and is soon leading the movement for an independent nation.

1785-1787: Five Nations Uprising against the British and Spanish.

1787: Treaty of Newport News establishes the nation Elatse.

1787: John Adams elected first president of Elatse.

1787: First British convicts shipped to Australia.

1789-1799: French Revolution.


1801: Act of Union creates the United Kingdom.

1803-1815: Napoleonic Wars, begins long period of isolation for New France, westward expansion slows.

1804: Napoleon is crowned Emperor of France.

1807: British Slave Trade Abolished.

1808: New France governor Alexis Vandalle begins independent negotiations with Anishinabek nations to the western border in common defense against attack from the British colonies.

1809: Tecumseh’s Confederation declares war on the British.



1810: United Mexican States Declare Independence. Tecumseh signs North-South Treaty with Eshkibagikoonzhe.

1813: Tecumseh killed in battle.

1814: Eshkibagikoonzhe signs Treaty of Kaposia with the British and French, establishing the nation of Tekamthi.

1819: Russians begin a series of treaties with American tribes west of the Mississippi to block British Expansion through the western plains.

1819: Princess Alexandrina Victoria born.


1821: United Mexican States recognized.

1829: Catholic Emancipation in British Empire.


1832: Great Reform Act: Wide sweeping reforms abolish almost all property requirements for voting. Women granted the right to vote. Women can join military.

1833: Charles Babbage designs the first mechanical computer.

1836: Texas declares independence from Mexico, Texan War of Independence.

1837: Queen Victoria ascends to the British throne.

1838: Slavery abolished in the British Empire.

1838: Samuel Morse publically demonstrates the telegraph.



1845-1852: The Great Famine in Ireland.

1848: First airships in use in military. Her Majesty's Airship Corps is part of the Royal Navy.

1849-1850: Tekamthi charters four ships to transport Irish immigrants. Thousands more arrive via private vessels.

1848-1852: Gold Discovered in California, Gold War between Mexico and Russia. Modern borders established.



1853-1857: British naval blockade pressures Elatse to abolish slavery.

1856: Lord Tiree born.

1856: Nikola Tesla born in Serbia.

1857: Lt. Kane possibly born (records not available).


1860: Steam powered mechanized farming in general use.

1861: Stabilized Hydrogen developed.

1862: Lt. Blackwell, Lt. Roberts born.

1865: Captain Jeffries born.

1866: Dr. Noall, Master Chief Moritaine, Cmdr. Townsend born.

1868: Rev. Smythe born. Norman Lockyer and Edward Frankland identify Helium



1873: Sgt. Dwyer born.

1874: Lt. Von Christ born.

1875: Lt. Moberly born.

1876: Lord Tiree joins 78th Highland Regiment.

1878: Helium mining on industrial scale in Confederation of Plains Nations and Texas.



1880: Chief Moritaine joins Royal Navy

1882: Lt. Blackwell, Lt. Roberts join HRM Airship Corps.

1884: Captain Jeffries begins service on airships.

1885: Lord Tiree becomes Marquis of Tiree; Voodoo Wars in Caribbean.

1886: Lord Tiree retires from military; becomes diplomat.

1888: Captain Brennan joins HRM Airship Corps.

1888-1889: British blockade of Morocco.

1889: Sgt. Dwyer joins militia.


1890: HRM Airship Corps becomes separate branch of British military; now known as "Her Royal Majesty's Air Service"

1890: Cmd. Townsend joins HRM Air Service; Captain Brennan, Lt. Roberts, Lt. Blackwell all transfer to HRM Air Service.

1891: Battle of Ft. Mackinaw

1892: Lt. Blackwell reports to Air Station Yahara; Rev. Smythe joins Archbishop of Canterbury's Special Forces.

1893: The "Halifax Incident:" Capt. Brennan injured, Captain Jeffries takes command of the Halifax Bonaventure.

1894: Lt. Roberts stationed at Air Station Chicago; Captain Jeffries receives Letter of Marque as a privateer.

1894: Great Mummy Uprising.

1896: HMA Badger commissioned. Built at Air Station Saratoga, New York. Chief Moritaine on board during shakedown cruise.

1897: Radio Sonar prototypes installed in Royal Airships.

1897: HMA Badger, under command of Capt. Carl Marks, transferred to Air Station Yahara.

1897: Rev. Smythe joins HRM Air Service. Lord Tiree assigned to Yahara.

1898: Cmdr. Townsend joins HMA Badger as executive officer; Lt. Blackwell assigned as Quartermaster.

1898: The "HMA Violet Disaster:" Rev. Smythe assigned to HMA Badger.

1899: Lt. VonChrist assigned to HMA Badger as Assistant Engineer.



January: Capt. Brennan replaces Capt. Marks as C.O. of HMA Badger. Lt. Roberts joins HMA Badger as Weapons Officer. Lt. VonChrist promoted to Chief Engineer of H.M.A. Badger. Lt. Moberly joins H.M.A. Badger as Chief Navigator. Sgt. Dwyer detached to HMA Badger as scout.

February: Dr. Noall joins HRM Air Service.

March: Dr. Noall completes basic officer training, assigned to H.M.A. Badger as Assistant Medical Officer Lt. Kane assigned to H.M.A. Badger as Intelligence Officer.

April: C.M.O of HMA Badger dies suddenly (dysentery). Replacement C.M.O. of HMA Badger dies suddenly (cholera).

May: 2nd replacement C.M.O. of HMA Badger forced to take medical retirement (colitis).

June: Dr. Noall named Chief Medical Officer of HMA Badger.

July: HMA Badger present for signing of British/Tekamthi shipping treaty. Russian agent "Marten Boden" attempts to sabotage proceedings but is foiled. Cmdr. Townsend bitten by Bowen (werewolf) during his escape.

1901: British Labour party forms.

1902: Second Boer War ends with the Treaty of Vereeninging