Steam Century Survey Questions: Midway Village April 2010

Where did you learn about Steam Century's event at Midway Village?

This Steam Century event was scheduled for 8 hours, from 4pm to midnight. Do you feel that this was the right amount of time and time-frame for the event? Note that Midway Village has very few open dates for 2010, but we may be able to negotiate daytime events for 2011.

During the game, your team had to make a choice between a science or occult plot path. Did making the choice and only seeing half of the puzzles and scenes detract from your enjoyment of the event?

Did you attend any of the additional performances? If so, are there performers we should seek out again? Although we may not be able to schedule all preferred performers for 2010 we will make an extra effort to bring back any favorites.

Midway village offers lots of opportunities for Steam Century to partner with vendors and performers. Is there a genre of performer of type of vendor you wish had been present?

Thank you for your answers. We are looking forward to working with the staff at Midway Village to continue our work to create a unique experience for our fans. Please let us know your e-mail address if you would like to be on our mailing list for story follow-ups and updates about future events.